First House

First House

 First House
In astrology the first house is great information about us. Who we are, how we are, how about our image we project to society.It is a huge project that gives our self image.Our physical appearance and body type. in the horoscope it also point that mirrors the first impression a person is likely to do in any social situation. The astrology is always being interesting and this article to observe for who is keen to astrology.



An urgent need to express oneself through a constant self-projection upon the immediate environment.Often reacts instinctively to any given stimulus or challenge with an overly enthusiastic attitude or with undue haste. he is very confrontational by nature and defender of injustice. Aries rising often needs to learn how to balance his incessant urge to plunge forward and conquer. this usually gives indicates and ability to succeed in the life when the goals are short terms and immediate. how ever.Aries will rise up to action when most others fall behind


As need to achieve some form concrete and material success through one’ efforts. no matter what’s the inner motivation may be or the degree urgency. Taurus rising will react with caution and circumspection to the circumstance in their environment. To achieve wishes or any goals, financial and material consideration is always a major concern .Taurus rising tend to be slow and deliberate in life to approach. You are aware of the possibilities of compensation of everything you do. this can result in self_expression ranging from cautious and circumspect to restrain and fearful. when this sign is on the ascendant of the horoscope it is known to endow a person with great physical magnetism and often with considerable beauty as well.


When Gemini on the cusp of the first house you are a genuine, an inborn sense of versatility and a constant need to change the environment, active mind and intellect, mental well function and activity. You have a powerful ability to understand and identify with your mind and what you know. It also leads to a superficial attitude and an approach to one’s goals that result in a dissipation of creative energy and the scattering of one’s achievements. You wish to gather experience as much as you can reach into many areas.


As cancer in the first house you are very sensitive and it leads to an extremely sympathetic and understanding nature. You are passive, receptive, and respond to life through feelings, easy to get upset, this ascendant can give an overly subjective approach to life. The initial drive is focused on securing a foundation or home base from which all other activities may safely proceed very strong imagination extremely nurturing and generous person always available to bring comfort and nourishment to her immediate environment and beyond


As cancer in the first house you are very sensitive and it leads to an extremely sympathetic and understanding nature. You are passive, receptive, and respond to life through feelings, easy to get upset, this ascendant can give an overly subjective approach to life. The initial drive is focused on securing a foundation or home base from which all other activities may safely proceed very strong imagination extremely nurturing and generous person always available to bring comfort and nourishment to her immediate environment and beyond



As the need for practicality, this sign combination is looking for a real ‘help mate’ one who can be down to earth for the more ethereal pieces ascendant person. people with a Virgo ascendant tend to involve themselves regularly with some form of self improvement through education. they can have a strong perfectionist streak, in that they want to present to the  The world an image of flawless competence and control. you should note the sign, house position and the aspects made by your mercury, which is your chart ruler, since this will have a significant impact on your character and life path. this descendant also gives a person they need to be of service in a relationship.


As a fundamental need to share one’s life with another. natural urge to be fair and just in relationship. Libra has to be careful not to overly idealize the partner. this sign cusp combination may indeed lead to greater harmony, beauty and love in personal relationships. Libra’s personalities are attractive even though they may not all physically so beautiful. this sign is undoubtedly a sign of balance and justice You can keep a lot to yourself nit wanting to reveal all in public, and this draws people to you. however does not necessarily produce the best or most beneficial result. They just come across as nice, pleasant and fair. Libra like Taurus, is one of Venus signs; therefor, the arts and the creation of beauty are very important in the scale.


With a definite degree of self control and a distinct reticence about revealing oneself. Scorpio rising is known to have “eagle eyes”. there is definitely a piercing gaze. Scorpio rising’s eye peer into the core of one emotion, probing deeply into one’s innermost feelings.You have great strength in depth, and the determination to overcome all adversaries. You are magnetic and Very aware of the sexual energy in your environment, and have the ability to drastically alter your surroundings as well. you project yourself with energy and willpower and are willing to stake your life to accomplish your aims
All Scorpio rising is very aware of the sexual energy in their environment. this awareness can be very challenging to those of this sign who are not themselves sexually integrated and balance


A Sagittarius ascendant gives a person they need to cover a great deal of territory. Your ambitions are geared to large-scale goals. You appear to be friendly, interested, and jovial. they possess a distinct urge to travel, learn, teach and just experience what life has to offer. you do well in selling any ideas to others. You come across in a frank, candid, and scrupulously honest manner, lacking in tact and diplomacy. Sagittarius can indicate a definite physical, emotional, and intellectual Restlessness. life is seen as a challenge, a battle to be overcome with optimism and self-assurance. when Sagittarius is on the cusp of the first house, the individual tries to avoid all circumstances that tend to limit his personal spontaneity. You are very gregarious, outgoing, and  Extroverted, but could do with building your powers of concentration. the need to cultivate correct personal responsibility is frequently a test with this rising sign


This ascendant imparts constraints on any form of impulsive activity, because there is a distinct need to project a good image into the environment.Everything you do has a purpose and is designed to achieve some definite practical end. You’re serious, austere, somewhat melancholy, and reserved. You see yourself as ethical, righteous, clear-minded and only doing your duty, Others may experience you as being cold and critical. Always objective, you present yourself as a sharp business and career person. have a luck to leads great achievement and the ability to overcome conflicts and challenging environmental circumstances. You’re disciplined, systematic Patient, hardworking, serious, austere, reserved and somewhat melancholy. duty. tradition and responsibility to self and others are all very important to this sign, and strongly condition this person’s to relationship.


By a desire to express oneself in a highly original way. There is definitely love and hate relationship with groups and organizations. one on one hand, Aquarius on the ascendant indicates a person who is markedly individualistic, and who finds it absolutely necessary to be his Own Way. in other hand, there is distinct calling towards idealistic thinking and humanitarian efforts that require group interaction and a high degree of social participation. Aquarius there means you are friendly to all, but in a detached and unemotional way. If your Uranus is conjunct your Ascendant, you may be vulnerable to stress, perhaps even to panic disorders. You would rather be loved than admired. You find your source of power in group activity within a close circle of friends You come across as impartial, tolerant and open, and your idealism is apparent to all Who knows you. Aquarius rising is acutely aware of any and all communication possibilities. they are natural networks, but must take care not to overextend themselves and thereby lose connection to their center.



By an extremely impressionable and sensitive nature. Pisces  rising is drawn to environments provide a constant sources of emotional stimulation. is not an everyday kind of person. In Pisces, there is a deeper conviction and a reference to the role that our inner motivations play every Day. they can express themselves through the many avenues and channels that they feel are open to them. You’re impressionable, sentimental and extremely psychic, but you take in too much negative energy. you are positive to feel lonesomeness that cannot cure by outer high Technology world. Pisces rising individuals become artist mystics, and healers, their ability to identify with everyone gives them a distinctly universal and compassionate nature. yet many rising fish swim downstream. it is then that this sign indicates a person intent upon their own self-Undoing through addictions and habits that dissolve the personality into a pool of undifferentiated emotions


The sun in the first house gives the impulse to project oneself continuously into the immediate environment.In this way the individual becomes the dominating force in any set of life circumstance in which she finds herself. This placement suggests there is a strong determination to choose one’s own course in life, and the energy of the Sun, needs to radiate out of the personality.there is a tendency towards a general optimism and a sunny disposition about life.Sun is the king and mentor of all the planets. When it placed in the first house or ascendant, it provides wisdom and true knowledge to the native besides which the person would carry a Positive attitude towards life along with the Firmness in approach as the person would not let others affect their approach. Care has to be taken that the drive to be the center of attention at all times does not become the overwhelming personality characteristic of one’s life.


In the first house reveals a strong need to be appreciated by everyone with whom the individual comes into contact. Having a moon in the 1st house is very much devoted and loyal towards their family and love or conjugal relations besides which they are very much sympathetic towards every other person which makes them appear gentle and kind