Fingers and Thumbs



Having formed a general opinion of the hand from its basic form and the relative prominence of the mounts ,a study of the fingers provides the first

more detailed prognosis of character.Each finger has particular importance, but must also be considered as an integral part of the hand. Consideration

must be given to a comparison with other fingers, length,flexibility,knotting and proportion of the phalanges. For example ,if three fingers tend to incline

towards the fourth that will be the dominate influence, therefor if all incline towards mercury ( the little finger)an ability to communicate effectively will

be dominate.


A hand with short fingers suggests  intuitive gifts , a quick mind able to conquer  a new subject , or person, quickly . The whole world will be seen

at a glance , often at the expense of essential details.


A hand with long fingers suggests the opposite. Attention to detail comes  naturally without any pedantic qualities. Intellect rules rather than intuition . Contrary to what their appearance suggests they can be tenacious in quarrel and are terrier-like in their    persistence, especially in relationships.


Smooth fingers without marked joints leads to an impulsive nature. Details are of no importance. Obvious facts will be ignored in favour  of what the heart or impulsive brain tells them


Knotty fingers when the result of nature and not work or illness , suggest a keen analytical mind. No flights of fancy here. The facts matter and are addressed in a logical way . They may be inventors or innovators, but achieve results through serious research. The lack of a spark of spontaneity can be light personal relationships.