Finding or Understanding a Partner Using Numerology

Finding or Understanding a Partner Using Numerology


If you are in the process of looking for someone to be a lifetime partner but not sure what traits are compatible or should you look in a prospective suitor then you can use Numerology as a guide. It can also aid you in determining what problems you may be facing in your current relationship and how you can avoid or fix them altogether.




Numerology offers you only a basic look on the outcome of your relationship and you should not be targeting any specifics here. It should be clear to you that some numbers tend to have more friction that some. When determining the success rate of your relationship, there are two numbers that you should consider above all and these are the Life path Number and the Destiny Number. Some people may look for more information using the other numbers that are part of numerology but these two are the most important.


The Life Path Number


The Life path Number is one of the numbers that you should consider when looking for someone because when the both of you have compatible Life path Numbers, your relationship will have a higher success rate. The Life Path Number tells something about the traits that you are born with and when you get in touch with these traits you may have a fulfilling life. The Life path Number is determined using your birth date which will then be converted to a single digit number. The next number that you should look for is the Destiny Number. The Destiny Number refers to what should you focus on in your life and how to attain it as well. It is calculated by using your full birth name into numbers and getting its single digit.


Once you have determined both you and your partner’s Life Path Number and Destiny Number you can already make a chart to see whether you are compatible or not. The numbers have their respective characteristics which are determined by numerologists. With these serving as guides for you, you can get a general idea on whether you and your partner are really meant for each other.


Using numerology when it comes to discovering a prospective partner may give you the odds on whether it will last or not. However, there are still other specifics that you can look into to help you in making a decision. Numerology only serves as a guide and should be only used as such.