Planet in the Fifth House

Fifth House

Planet  in the Fifth House

Planet  in the Fifth House


The Sun in he fifth House is an indication of a person’s continuous need for self -expression .The urge to be actively  creative and demonstrate one’s talents and abilities is a vial factor in life. This  position also  gives a great desire for romance, the appreciation for a good time ,and he enjoyment of life’s pleasures.  The sun in the 5th gives you a strong ego (in a good way), and gives you a more positive outlook on life. You have an easy manner with children because you understand them – not necessarily that you have to work with them. This is a very nice placement for the sun. The love motive may also be strong. The overriding need is for creative expression of your personal powers and abilities. This could be through leadership, art, sport, entertainment, New Age ventures or the use of modern technology. In this search you will cover a lot of ground and a wide range of interests. Children may play an important role in some way.



he Moon in he Fifth House intensifies he emotional nature where  one’s attachment to children and lovers are concerned. There is a need for intimacy in  all personal relationships and a love of shared emotional experiences. his is he area in life the is mos likely to “go through phase” with very changeable circumstances affecting one’s creative and romantic avenues of self-expression. You love to share emotional experiences with loved ones and have a flair for the dramatic. Love affairs are magnetic and intense, and you don’t take them lightly by any means, although you may go through much change with regard to your romances. You are attached to children, whether they’re your own or not. Your creative hobbies are subject to relatively frequent changes, and you have innate artistic talent. You have a vivid imagination and are given to daydreaming often. There is a sense that you are always in touch, or trying to get in touch, with your inner child. If the Moon is challenged, you may have problems with impulsive shopping or gambling, or with frequent love affairs that never fully satisfy you. In any of these cases, you are more attached to the game than the player, and this is something to work on if you are looking to find true fulfillment. You might take risks just for the fun of it, but in the process, you are being irresponsible to others and to yourself.



In the fifth House gives the need to express one’s thoughts and opinions creatively. Writing speaking ,traveling may , accordingly become essential outlets in this person’s life.There is often a child with whom one becomes especially close ,or younger siblings who occupies the role of one’s child. Mercury brings a strong flair for the dramatic with a capacity to love on a mental level if one needs to. He’s a child at heart with good writing and speaking ability which may become essential outlets in one’s life. There is a need to express thoughts with a ‘personal stamp’; gives a mind for artistic creativity and sensitivity. Fluctuation in romances and an instant communication with children is also noticeable and favorable with this configuration.
Mercury gives an easy-going person , fond of pleasures and self-indulgent. Leads to inconstancy and excess in pleasure. You must never be carried away by speculation, or gambling. Because he is in Scorpio, it is very difficult to convince this type of person.. The mind is shrewd, somewhat sarcastic, loves secrecy , and will never be short of tact and diplomacy. Gives good manual dexterity



Venus in the fifth House greatly highlights the artistic and romantic associations of this is usually easy to attract romantic involvements, and there is a notable love of life’s pleasures. if Venus is supported by her sign placement and by her relationship to the other planets , a child is quiet often the source of a great blessing, and one’s relationships with young people in general tend to be very positive. Venus in the fifth house (the house of creativity), you would enjoy relaxing and indulging yourself in the finer, beautiful side of life. At first glance this denotes rich, intense, and pleasant emotional events that will enhance your psychic nature. You are a person who could be regarded as fortunate in love and very successful.  Although you are capable of loving intensely and with devotion, the tendencies are to lose interest after a certain time. You would be in a better position if you could exert some control over your span of interest.



In the fifth House reveals a strong sensual nature that , if not tempered of modified with love and grace, can lead to enormous difficulties. Strife and break-ups, in one’s relationships with lovers and children, are likely unless mars in otherwise well position in the horoscope. if well positioned mars here strongly indicates that there will be cohesive direction in the expression of one’s creative and romantic urges and drives. 5th mars gives immense energy to the native.
inclined to worldly comforts and more materialistic in approach towards life. willing to let others be themselves. They value freedom and individuality, both yours and theirs. They like to feel they have plenty of space and freedom. They are not very sentimental. They come across as detached, even in an intimate relationship. They like to run the show. They are well organized and can make a good leader. Mars in Aquarius is often the reformer; the one against the establishment. They are non-conformists, and demand compliance from those that follow you. Good in speculations and gains in investments likely in corporate/power sector.
span of life is good. very affectionate in attitude.



In the fifth house give a person a love of adventure,spirits and speculation .There are individuals who are convinced or their “luck” and for whom taking chances is a normal part of life.There is often a great deal of joy in the relationship to children ,and  a rewarding romantic life.This position definitely contributes to an optimistic outlook , but, should Jupiter  not  be supported by sign or the other planets ,life may be seen through rose -tinted glasses, resulting in self Deception and excessive idealism.



In the fifth house is indicative of a person who ins often responsible for other children. The individual may be cast in the role of stepparent, foster parent, teacher, or guardian.The relationship with one’s own child ,especially the eldest , may be burdensome. In terms of one’s romantic life’s, certain limitations or restrictions are likely, frequently Saturn in the Fifth points to a tendency for older lovers. A Fifth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to personal creative projects, love affairs and children. In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the proper use of personal power, creative self-expression and control of the ego. Saturn  in here Means you always need to be very helpful and nice with, elderly, poor and disabled. Need to have daily exercise and yoga and avoid bad company and thoughts to be rather extremely successful in life. You can be very stubborn and the best is to use that quality for constructive purposes.



In the Fifth House as the tendency towards unconventional behavior in one’s love life. This can indicate relationship that appear highly unusual from the perspective of the prevailing norms of society. Uranus in this position may also indicate that one has a child who is very different from others. Depending on other factors in the charts,such a child may be gifted genius or an antisocial rebel. Having Uranus here, what it shows is, if you were attending some function, or do, and there were 20 people in the room, 19 of them were “normal” types, 1 person is an “alien”, wearing bright green with an orange scarf, possibly with “Spock” ears, then that would be the one you’d be attracted to. As a teenager you were probably always bringing these sorts home, while your parents were probably resigned to it.



In the Fifth House can bring about a great deal  of self- deception in one’s romantic involvements. If Neptune is poorly placed ,there is a tendency to become intimately involved  with people who are emotionally unstable and unreliable.Neptune here can lead severe losses from gambling or other forms of addictive pleasures and may point to the more positive indications of Neptune  in the Fifth lead to highly creative interest in the arts , a deep pleasure in the spiritual pursuits, and a gift for working with people in need of comfort and  support. , Neptune in the 5th can also mean creative talents. Could be more with signs, degrees, and aspects. Neptune in the 5th can bring about desires for children. Also possible teaching if in an earth element. Of course all of this needs to relate to aspects and a supporting statement. I would not suggest that the fantasies are sexual as much as romantic.



In the Fifth House is an excellent placement for working with children who need to have  their life direction transformed. A well position Pluto here  lead to a never -ending supply of creative energy. Romantic involvements are usually not particularly numerous, but they are intense and have profound meaning and consequences for the people involved when Pluto is in this house, many of the deepest lessons to be learned in life come through one’s love affairs. you are a person who is a person who funnels your creativity through altering what is… You like viewing things and finding and fixing inaccuracies. You enjoy debating for hours and you like reading things that are complex, so that you can break them apart and analyze. Pluto here can cause obsessions when it comes to finding mistakes. You despise inaccuracy and you see mistakes are sloppy… You don’t like people who don’t care about details. You think details are incredibly important.