Queen Elizabeth

Famous People Born Under The Number 7

Famous People Born Under The Number Seven


Queen Elizabeth

Born 7th SeptemberQueen Elizabeth

Louis XIV

Born 16th September

Admiral Earl Beatty

Born 16th January

Bonar Law

Born 16th September

Charles Dickens

Born 7th February

Sir Joshua Reynolds

Born 16th July

Oscar Wilde

Born 16th October

Ernst Haeckel (Naturalist)

Born 16th February

Camille Flammarion (Astronomer)

Born 25th February

Prince Imperial (Napoleon)

Born 16th March

Sir John Franklin (Explorer)

Born 16th April

Robert Browning (Poet)

Born 7th May

Ralph Waldo Emerson (Poet)

Born 25th June

Andrew Carnegie

Born 25th November

Sir Isaac Newton (Astronomer)

Born 25th December


Born 16th April

Sardou (French dramatist)

Born 7th September

William Wordsworth (Poet)

Born 7th September