Queen Victoria of England

Famous People Born Under The Number 6

Famous People Born Under The Number Six


Queen Victoria of England            Queen Victoria of England                                       Born 24th May

Napoleon I                                                                Born 15th August

Frederick the Great                                                  Born 24th January

Henry VI                                                                    Born 6th December

Oliver Cromwell                                                        Born 24th April

Cecil Rhodes                                                                        Born 6th July

Joan of Arc                                                                Born 6th January

Admiral Lord Jellicoe                                               Born 6th December

President Taft (USA)                                               Born 15th September

Sir Walter Scott                                                         Born 6th December

Sir Henry Irving                                                        Born 6th February

Joseph Choate (US Ambassador to England)   Born 24th January

Susan B. Anthony (Suffragette)                           Born 15th February

Michelangelo (Painter)                                           Born 6th March

Elizabeth Browning (Poet)                                     Born 6th March

President Diaz (Mexico)                                         Born 15th September

Sir William Herschel (Astronomer)                       Born 15th November

Grace Darling (Heroine)                                         Born 24th November

Warren Hastings (Statesman)                               Born 6th December

John Knox (Reformer)                                            Born 24th November

Moliere (Author)                                                       Born 15th January

Max Muller (Philosopher and Poet)                      Born 6th December

Daniel O’Connell (Statesman)                              Born 6th August

Count de Paris (Louis Philippe)                            Born 24th August

Admiral Peary (North Pole fame)                          Born 6th May

Sir Arthur Pinero (Author)                                      Born 24th May

Rembrandt (Painter)                                                Born 15th July

Alfred Tennyson (Poet)                                          Born 6th August

George Westinghouse (Inventor)                         Born 6th October