Empress Eugenie

Famous People Born Under The Number 5

Famous People Born Under The Number Five

Empress Eugenie                 Empress Eugenie                   Born 5th May

H.M. King George VI                         Born 14th December

H.R.H The Duke of Windsor              Born 23rd June

Samuel Pepys                                     Born 23rd February

Sir Hiram Maxim (Inventor)                Born 5th February

Sir Henry Bessemer (Inventor)            Born 14th March

Humbert I of Italy                               Born 14th March

Shakespeare                                       Born 23rd April

Thomas Hood (Poet)                          Born 23rd May

Chateaubriand (Author)                      Born 14th September

Benedict Arnold                                 Born 14th January

Barnum (of Circus fame)                    Born 5th July

Erard (Inventor of the Grand Piano)   Born 5th April

Handel (Composer)                           Born 23rd February

Fahrenheit (Inventor)                          Born 14th May

Karl Marx (Socialist)                         Born 5th May

Mesmer (Discoverer of Magnetism)   Born 23rd May

Sir Gilbert Parker (Author)                Born 23rd November

Cardinal Richelieu                              Born 5th September

W.T. Stead (Editor)                          Born 5th February