Lord Byron

Famous People Born Under The Number 4

Famous People Born Under The Number four


The Earl of Stafford                                     Born 13th AprilLord Byron

George Washington                                    Born 22nd February

Lord Byron                                                    Born 22nd January

George Eliot                                                 Born 22nd November

Sarah Bernhardt                                           Born 22nd October

Thomas Carlyle                                            Born 4th December

Faraday                                                        Born 22nd October

Lord Leighton (Painter)                              Born 4th December

Prince Charlie (The Yong Pretender)        Born 31st December

Sir Francis Bacon (Philsopher)                 Born 22nd January

James Russell Lowell (Poet)                     Born 22nd February

Haydn (Composer)                                     Born 31st April

Thomas Huxley (Philosopher)                   Born 4th May

Alphonse Daudet (Writer)                          Born 13th May

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle                              Born 22nd May

Julian Hawthorne (Author)                         Born 22nd June

Rider Haggard (Author)                             Born 22nd June

General Goettals (Panama Canal fame) Born 22nd June

Nathaniel Hawthorne (Author)                   Born 4th July

Emma Eames (Prima Donna)                  Born 13th August

Archbishop Corrigan                                  Born 13th August

Ex-sultan Abdul Hamid                              Born 22nd September

George Eliot (Authoress)                           Born 22nd November

Heinrich Heine (Author)                             Born 13th December

Immanuel Kant (Philosopher)                    Born 22nd April

Sir Isaac Pitman                                          

(Inventor of Shorthand)                               Born 4th January

Pope Pius IX                                               Born 13th May

Russell Sage                                               Born 4th August

Schubert (Composer)                                 Born 31st January

Sir Arthur Sullivan (Composer)                  Born 13th May

Richar Wagner (Composer)                       Born 22nd May

Sir Hamilton Harty                                       Born 4th December