Dreams of Children and Adolescents

Dreams of Children and Adolescents

Dreams of Children and Adolescents

Dream’s interpretation has become a widespread technique to find out a trace about our future events. Many times, it’s been asked if everyone dreams or not – the answer is a big yes. Everyone dreams, including Children and Adolescents, however the meaning and extent of their accuracy vary to a great extent. During our initial years of life, a.k.a.

our child and adolescent age, we often spend more time sleeping, and more sleeping means more dreams, but since our mind is not fully matured during our adolescent age, we often come across animals, snakes, tigers, and big fantasy giants in our dreams, and these contents change as we grow older.

Astrologically, dreams play an important role in predicting someone’s future prospects, including children’s dreams. The interpretation of children and adolescent’s dreams vary from adult’s dreams significantly.


Extents of Accuracy

Children dream loads of things during their spanned sleeping sessions, and every dream they come across is not worthy for an astrological analysis. Perhaps, many times, Adolescent’s dreams are not more than a reaction of their sub conscious mind about what they have perceived during their earliest days of life. Notably, many children have a divine power to predict the future most accurately, which means; these children became eminent for their God’s gift. We’ve heard in the past about many such wonder children who predicted about some surprising future happenings through their dreams. Except few exceptions, dreams we perceived during our child or adolescent age are not a true virtue of our future predicting abilities.


Astrologer’s Role

An astrologer is well aware of the extent of children’s dreams and their reality; even so, he never disregards children’s dreams and their contents. It, sometime, serves as a very effective tool to forecast many future aspects of children. Perhaps, an astrologer studies children fortune with the help of their dreams and other astrological tools, like palm reading, tea leafs, playing cards, etc. In short, an astrologer is thoroughly conscious of most of the dream’s content and their relation with real life’s object alongwith the degree of accuracy. Significantly, in many parts of the world, dreams analysis is being done irrespective of who actually perceived them – a minor, or an adult. It doesn’t matter for them as far dream’s astrology is concerned.

Summarizing the facts, dreaming is an important function of our sub conscious mind, which is a form of our celestial powers given to us by the God.