Dreaming Past Lives And Future Events

For many, dreams are just the interpretation of our surroundings by our sub-conscious mind, which gets into action when we’re sleeping; but dreams have much larger scope than assumed by an average individual. Physiologically, dreams can be related to certain events not connected to our present life, i.e., dreams could relate to our past or future life. Astrologers are long been known for their dreams interpretation and establishing their relation with our past or future life. Today, we’re the scientifically developed species who not necessarily believe in dream’s relation to our past of future, but it’s not true completely. Dreams have the divinity to travel across time – to our past or future.


Dreaming About The Past


Dreaming about the past is referred by the term: reincarnation, which is a rare concept to happen with someone. Mythologically, mankind believes to be lived seven lives, and past dreaming can recall the previous life’s events and happenings. Nowadays, it’s not a well spread phenomenon and found very rarely, prominently in our traditional lifestyle places. Indeed, many associate our previous life’s dreams as a mean of a message to tell something uncompleted during our previous life – or something wrong done. We’ve seen many incidents in the recent past where someone often recalls some blurry memories during his or her dreams. This is often found in our early age when our mind is in developing stage without much of details about our present life.

Psychiatrists treat these blurry memories by vanishing them slowly. Though, astrologers take due course of our past memories to interpret our present and future, and draw our future forecast in tune with the messages one gets through his or her dreams.


Dreaming Future


Majority of our dreams relates to our future happening events. While past dreaming is a phenomenon, future dreaming is a well-versed concept to everyone. Our brain carries millions of nerves, and these are used to be traveled by our body messages when we are active. But when we get into sleep, our sub conscious mind becomes active, and many believe, this is time when there happens to be a divine sprit’s travel that guides us about yet to come events through some secrete dream events. Sometimes, these dreams are easily understandable to everyone, but most of the time, astrologers are the only competent analysts who can analyze the dream’s events to interpret our future’s conjecture.

No matter what we look through our dreams, it’s always a celestial channel used for communication between the God and us.