December 22 – January 19


Capricorns were born between the dates of December 23 and January 20.  They are individuals who have a great sense of responsibility and are also known for their long patience.  Capricorns are also very ambitious, and they are also very resourceful people, especially if they really want something.  As friends, they are very loyal individuals.


On the downside, Capricorns may be dictatorial and conceited.  They may also have issues with trust.


On Self


Capricorns pride themselves on being independent, and this is because they know fully well their capabilities.  They know not to give their trust to other people to do their jobs, so they will most likely do it themselves than entrust the quality and outcome to other people.  Another trait that Capricorns are known for is that they can be very ambitious, but when in power, they can become one of the great leaders.


Outwardly, Capricorns may appear to be sad, aloof, and cold, but this is not because they are sad but because they follow a strict sense of self discipline and carry a lot of responsibilities.  They are also individuals who reflect on the outcome of any situation before acting on it.  For this reason, they always tend to weigh the pros and cons of issues before making a decision.


On Other People


If you want a strong friend who will really be there for you, then you will find that your Capricorn friend is just that.  They are very good listeners who are always ready to help their friends who are in need, and, in fact, they will not stop helping a friend until that friend has gotten back on his or her feet.


On Love and Relationships


A Capricorn woman has all the love to give.  She loves romance and is also very romantic towards her partner.  However, her passion and her romantic side are not that easily seen simply because she does not give in that easily when it comes to love.  To win her heart, you need to woo her and to court her, but do not overdo it, especially when it comes to giving her gifts, because you might only turn her off.


As for the Capricorn men, they can be charmers, but you have to watch out.  If you want outright passion and romance, then you will be certainly disappointed because Capricorn men tend to keep their emotions hidden.  But, this does not mean that they are cold.  In fact, they yearn for true love.