June 21 – July 22


People born between the dates of June 22 and July 22 belong to the zodiac sign of Cancer.  People who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign are known for their loyalty and dependability.  They are also very adaptable people and can easily respond and adapt to the changes in their surroundings.  However, they also have bad traits, some of which include moodiness and the tendency to cling.  They are also sensitive individuals who easily get affected by comments, resulting to self pity if the comment is negative, and they can also be self-centered individuals.


On Self


If there is one thing that can be said about Cancer people is that they can be chock-full of contradictions.  One on hand, they want to be independent, but on the other hand, they cannot support their independence, especially since they have a strong dependence on the people around top give them the emotional support as well as the encouragement they need in their daily endeavors.  However, if he or she has reached self actualization, it is a fact that they can be very independent indeed.


A Cancer individual possesses a temperament that is both fragile and changeable, and this is the very reason why they need other people to constantly reassure and support them.  The fact that they can also be a bit cranky and moody does not help any, especially since they have the tendency to sulk and are prone to temper tantrums.


On Other People


However much unpredictable a Cancer may be, they are enormously loyal to their friends.  They give back the same support they receive from their friends with equal fervor.  They are also good sounding boards, and they have the gift of making their loved ones feel special.  With a Cancer for a friend, you can rest assured that you have one person whom you can depend on.


On Love and Relationship


When you fall in love with a Cancer woman, you will find yourself falling in love with a very sensual lady whose emotions and passions run deep.  However, it is not that easy to capture her heart because it will take you lots of patience and plenty of love and tenderness to win her heart.  But if you do win it, it is yours for life.


The Cancer man, on the other hand, has lots of love to give.  He will woo you, court you, and lavish you with tender loving care, but you have to know that these emotions are strong because he fears rejection.  However, he can be the most loyal partner who can also be very possessive.