April 20 – May 20


People who were born between the dates of March 21 and April 20 are considered to fall in the Aries zodiac sign.  Their personality is strong such that they are known for their very independent and enthusiastic nature.  They also have a very courageous spirit, and their optimism can be very catching.  Aries are also known for their generosity.


On their weak points, Aries are known for their being short tempered and moody.  They can also be very impulsive as well as impatient.


On Self


As stated above, they have a very strong independent nature.  In fact, they do not take orders that well from people and mostly want to do it their way, especially since they are very good leaders.  Because of their independent nature, they are easily affected by negative comments.  But for all the independence that they show, it can be said that Aries are a little bit insecure.  This is because of the need to excel, and with their intense passion to excel in all the things that they do, insecurities surface.  People around them normally do not see this because their enthusiasm and boundless optimism cover it up.


On Other People


For all the insecurities that they feel towards themselves, Aries are good and very loyal friends.  They have a very strong instinct to protect their friends if and when that need comes up.


As to being good leaders, it can be said that Aries are one of the best leaders.  They have a very magnetic personality that truly transmits enthusiasm and excitement in any project or endeavor, and this is greatly boosts the moral of the group.


On Love and Relationship


With a very strong personality, people who fall in love with Aries will find it a very exciting relationship indeed, but it can be said though that sparks will fly when an Aries falls in love with another person with a strong personality.  However, when it comes to loyalty, Aries has so much to give, but beware that they expect their loyalty to be returned.


If you want a long-term relationship with an Aries, make sure that you are not a push over because this will definitely bore an Aries.  They will appreciate it all the more if you share your opinions and not just agree with anything that an Aries wants.


An Aries for a lover means that you will have a very exciting relationship full of sparks and a long-term relationship with them is bound to be very fruitful.