About the House

The Name Address, And Quality of a House:


No matter which of the house systems you decide to use, the natal horoscope will always consist of twelve houses. Each of these celestial  domicile corresponds to a number of activities, life circumstances, types of people, objects, and ideas. These are gathered together under a collective key words phrase  that make the entire contents of the house easy to categorize and remember. These key words are a convenient way to represent the major concept underlying the particular influence of each house, but by no means do they express  the entire range of influence of these twelve divisions of the natal chart. The twelve house names are as follows;


First House               : House of self_ Image


Second House            : House of Money and Self – Worth


Third House               : House of Communication and Travel


Fourth House            : House of Family and Psychological Roots


Fifth House               : House of Creativity and Pleasure


Sixth House             : House of Health and Work


Seventh House        : House of Partnership and Marriage


Eight House            : House of Higher Education and Philosophy


Ninth House           : House  of Career and Honor


Tenth House         : House of Organization and Groups


Twelfth House     : House of Secrets

Just as there several basic groupings into which the signs of the zodiac are categorized , there are four hemispheres and four quadrants where a house may have its astrological “address” In addition , there are three major  “qualities ” into which the houses eleven various house particulars, in order to familiarize ourselves with the overall nature of the houses are viewed in the natal chart.