About Sixth House

What is  the Sixth House

One of the names Astrologers kike to give to this area of the horoscope is “the house of self-improvement” The Sixth House reveals  those tools, methods, techniques, and process we use in order to perfect that sense of our selves which is projected through the ascendant . It is also domicile that brings greater definition to the creative activities of self expression found in the Fifth. It is through the activities of the sixth that a person particularizes and further individualizes him or her self. This process requires a great deal of elimination of what is outworn out method , and outdated in our selves, so the our “self-becoming” is consistent and productive. In this respect, the Sixth is very revealing if our health,for elimination is an aspect of both our physical and psychological well being. In addition to showing that we must eliminate , the Sixth also reveals what we must add in order to amplify our creativity and improve ourselves. All told, the sixth  point us in the direction of perfecting our basic orientation to life, and to those processes that serve to bring greater and more precise definition to our individuality .
We can say that the Sixth House tells us much about how we use our time, energy, and talents in our everyday life. It reveals much about how we face the challenges of the” workday” world and how we approach the more routine aspects of our lives. It shows who and what helps us, and who and what may hinder us from achieving our physical and emotional perfection. Employees, co-workers domestic helpers,and pets are therefor all inhabitants of this house.