Interpretation of All 12 Vedic Houses

Interpretation of All 12 Vedic Houses


It is believed that there are 12 bhavas or houses in each horoscope, and each house signifies one “sphere” of your life.  Here is a simple interpretation of the 12 Vedic Houses.


The First House


The first house is also called the House of Self and is considered as the most significant of all houses.  This talks of the overall being of the individual, including his general appearance, personality and health.


The Second House


The second house or the House of Value talks of money and your belongings, and, in fact, anything about money matters is being ruled by the second house.  This will include any material achievements like education, stocks, and bonds as well as immaterial things like substance and self growth.


The Third House


The third house is called the House of Communications.  This is related to your siblings and your development as a child.   This also includes your neighbors as well as anything that relates to communication and correspondence.


The Fourth House


This is called the House of Home and Family.  This house signifies mothers, home, and country.  This also talks about your roots and ancestry.


The Fifth House


This is referred to as the House of Pleasure, and this includes any recreational activities as well as leisure activities like gambling.  This also talks about self expression and love for children.


The Sixth House


The House of Health is the sixth house.  This housie represents your overall health as well as physical wellbeing, and this also represents your job as well as employment history.


The Seventh House


The seventh house is the House of Partnerships.  Here, it talks about your relationships with your friends and also encompasses your relationship with your spouse and business associate.


The Eight House


The eight house is the House of Reincarnation, and this talks about the cycles of death.  The eight house also encompasses rebirth and regeneration.  This also includes sexual relationships as well as taboo matters.


The Ninth House


The ninth house is the house of philosophy.  This not only talks about religion and laws as well as the search for higher knowledge and education, but it also talks about travel and culture.


The Tenth House


Ambitions and motivations, be it for your career or your status in your community, fall under the tenth house, which is the House of Social Status.  The tenth house also pertains to father and authority.


The Eleventh House


This is the House of Friendship, and it encompasses your friends, may they be close to you or simply acquaintances.  This also pertains to hopes and wishes.


The Twelfth House


This is the House of Self-Undoing.  This talks about seclusion like being aloof and retreating into yourself, which may or may not be readily seen by others.  This also talks about enemies.