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The number 1 stands in this symbolism for the Sun.  It is the beginning that by which all the rest of the nine numbers were created.  The basis of all the numbers is one the basis of all life is one.   This number represents all that is creative, individual and positive.  Without going into further details, a person born under the Birth number of 1 or any of its series has the underlying principles of being in his or her work creative, inventive, strongly individual, definite in his or her views and in consequence more or less obstinate and determined in all they as individuals undertake.  This relates to all men and women born under the number 1, such as one the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month( the addition of all these numbers making a 1 ), but more especially so if they happened to be born between the 21st July and the 28th April.  When the Sun enters the Vernal Equinox and is considered elevated or all powerful during this period. 


It is for this reason, which you will observe has a logical basis, that people born under the number 1 in these particular periods must have the qualities that I have given to all number 1 people in a distinctly more marked degree. 



If you are 1


Number 1 stands for the Sun, all that is strong, individual, and creative.  Number 1 people are born leaders; they are ambitious and active, and often dominant and aggressive.  This is a powerful number, and it augurs success.  It is the number of innovators, leader, winners but also of tyrants! 


Number 1 people can be very self-centered, ruthless, and stubborn if crossed, and their chosen career or activity will probably receive more energy and attention than their personal relationships.  Sunday is the day associated with the Sun and with the number 1.


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Number 1 Personalities




All those born on 1-10-19-28 of any month and all those born on any date but having the fadic number 1 and all those having the name ending in 1 number come under this fold.


You will be of medium height and your hair is thick and shiny.  Your eyes are set apart.  The eye pupils are generally dark with regular well curved eyebrows.  Your teeth are generally strong and this type of people are highly successful in life.  You have the grace to draw people towards you.  You are masculine and majestic like a lion.   Your eyes will reflect frankness and honesty.  Generally, you will be the centre of attraction in any company.  You are never afraid to air your views.  You are religious bent and loves beauty but not sensual.


You have high ideals supported by moral greatness to a reasonable standard and have material desires.  You have certain natural gifts.  You are a talkative individual with fun and laughter. One cannot see you in solitude because you like company.


You do not prefer to go to bed early.  You like amusements like cinema, dinner etc. You have sufficient control over your emotions.  Like marriage at a tender age.


Surprisingly don’t enjoy so much happiness at home specially when you partner is also a 1 number.  When 1 is placed by the side of 1 as it appears as parallel strokes which meet at infinity, so the marriage may not give much happiness. 


Success comes to you as the natural outcome of your work and application.  You like to travel. 


One the reverse side, when this number is not properly set up, he is noted for hastiness.  He often appears in inharmonious dress.  He will seek fame by cheap means and wanders, exhibiting his false talents.  He is vain and found of unnecessary show and over estimates talents.  His life will be a failure.


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The Number 1 persons have peculiar health troubles.   These people are not over-eaters and their stomach is generally healthy.  But their heart is often irregular in its function.  Heart trouble is often seen.  In the previous chapter we have seen that each person has to come under the influence of two numbers.  So the heart trouble is seen in a greater or lesser degree on the basis of the other number.  A verification of the Heart Line of the Palm will also indicate this factor.  It is also not correct to say that the Number is sure to have servere heart trouble when other counter balancing forces are seen.  When this disease is seen and balancing forces are also present this disease can be surely overcome by slight adjustment of the Name.


The next trouble is in regard to the EYE.  Sun is the source of light and eyes are the organs receiving the light rays and it is no wonder that the eye sight is generally weak with Number 1 people.   Honey and milk are good as regular items in the food.  When the Heart Line of the Hand or VI Bhava of horoscope or other relevant factors are not seen well its is better to come away from this number.  Otherwise Wealth, Position, Honour will come with Medical Bills regularly.

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Lucky Date


The dates of 1-10-19-28 are good.  Also the dates ending in 1 number are good.  The bad dates are 8-17-26 and the dates ending in 8.  the dates 4-13-22-31 are often prominent are many striking events take place.


In finding out lucky dates no author has hitherto given a complete picture.  Take for instance a date for 1 personality.  The dates 1-10-19-28 are good.  See the date 1-6-1963 or 10-6-1963, or 19-6-1963 or 28-6-1963.  This has the number 1 and 8.  Is this a lucky date on the consideration that the date number is 1 , or an unlucky date as per the conclusion that the ending number is a 8?  This is surely a bad date since the ending number shows the combined effect. 


In finding out the lucky week day, Sunday is good

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