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The study of symbolism of numbers is Numerology. It can be used to determine a person’s personality, talents, strengths, obstacles and inner needs.

It can also be used to find the emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. It is a tool that helps you understand yourself. Using Numerology you can make the most of your strengths by revealing all the diverse parts of your personality.

Numerology has its roots traced back some 10, 000 years in Egypt and Babylonia. It is simple mathematics, thanks to ancient Greece where it has been formally organized in this field about 2600 years ago.

To under stand how it works, one must know that everything in universe vibrates at its own particular frequency and by know it vibration rate of an object; one can establish the qualities and energies associated with it.

Using birth dates and name one can determine the major frequencies of a person. Personality and character of a person can be determined by numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies.

In our regular life we use numbers for its quantities value and without it of course civilisation would be impossible.

We use fate to describe a man well placed in life. When a man faces an accident we again blame his fate. The word fate is used after the occurrence. From the time of immemorial till now human beings go for only one problem, to get pleasure and happiness and to get rid of pain and sorrow.

Some will say this life is full of pain and there is no pleasure in it. Some say pain and pleasure are all mixed and cannot be separated. Ex. Eating sweets give pleasure but gives stomach pain later. Others say pain and pleasure is purely mental outlook and there is really neither pain nor pleasure.

According to Hinduism a man’s fate is a calculated result of the total good and bad action done in hsi pervious births. Man is reborn to reap his karma.

Well, what ever the reason for our birth maybe we are here and lets enjoy it !!!!!!!